If you come home and find bees in your house, call The Honey Bee Rescuers Bee Removal. Save the bees

Have unwanted bees flying around in your home? Call  The Honey Bee Rescuers today for fast and friendly service.


The Honey Bee Rescuers Bee Removal  is a fully insured, family-owned and operated, residential and commercial  bee removal service with 40 years experience. We affordably and safely remove hives and swarming bees from your trees, residence and other buildings on your property. "We really do save the bees". Satisfaction guaranteed. We serve Montgomery / Harris Co. and surrounding cities.

Saving The Bees

  The Honey Bee Rescuers Bee Removal  quickly and effectively relocate the bees, saving honey bees should be our nations only option not exterminating them, thus preserving valuable environmental pollinators. Bees and comb  will rot inside your wall,  honey will leak causing other expensive repairs. Call us, we do things right the first time. 


The Honey Bee Rescuers would be happy to drop by and give you a free bee removal estimate. Our company uses the latest equipment and technology to help locate the bee colonies exact location.  We are members of the Montgomery County Bee Assoc., and are insured for your protection. Give us a call for all your honey bee removal needs.

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The honey bee rescuers

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